Unveil Your Eyes Lyrics

You play your role to perfection
Candycoat the ties and compromise yourself
You always wear your Sunday best
A savant in your own eyes
I hope you see your real reflection
You've been colorblind thinking you wear white,
When you're really stained in scarlet
How can you have a testimony,
If you haven't passed the test?
[ From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/b/beauty-to-ashes-lyrics/unveil-your-eyes-lyrics.html ]
Lose the game called life
I know the one who can mend the brokeness
I know the one who can fill the void
You know Him too
It's time to she'd your old skin
Move onto life that you've been promised
Take one look, bury it, now walk away
You will never look, you will never look back

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