Speak To Me Of Love Lyrics

Speak to me of love
And say what I?m longing to hear
Tender words of love
Repeat them again
I implore you speak to me of love
Whisper these words to me, dear
I adore you,
I want to hear, to hear those words that are so dear,
I want to hear you say I love you
( From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/b/barbra-streisand-lyrics/speak-to-me-of-love-lyrics.html )
By all the little stars above you
Your voice is like a fun caress
It thrills me till I must confess
I long to hear the voice that brings me
Such thrilling love and happiness
Parle moi d?amour
Redites moi ces mots supr?mes
Je vous aime...

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