Yah Intro Lyrics

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
You are stepped into a parallel universe where I am your tour guide
And who am I?
Well, sit down and let me rap to you for a minute.

Yahz come to free your mind (Yes, I have)
Heyy, hey, hey, hey, surely the girl's on time
Oh YahZarah's on time, yeah, yeahhh
So won't you free your eyes, your mind will follow
You're upset, boy, don't you wallow
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'Cause surely YahZarah's on time, oh, ohhh
So ra-a-a-aise your glass, surely the girl's on time
I'm YahZarah, ha, Y-A-H-Z-A-R-A-H, pronounced yah-zah-rah
Don't ruin it, don't ruin it
Not Hezekiah, not Hobacka, not Tabacca, but Y-A-H-Z-A-R-A-H
YahZarah meaning "Queen Mother is the brightest star"
So, how about that?

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