Super High Remix Lyrics

[Verse 1: Prez]

Light me up, call me Human Torch, 'cuz I got the flame
Girls callin' me fortune, 'cuz I got the fame
Add it together, the sum is very important
Porsches, engines that roar, whole stores
Fuck it (fuck it), close the mall down when I browse
Window shoppin'? We already went out and bought the house
Yeah, yeah, repeat we went out, and bought the house
And we cop blocks of tree, forget coppin' by ounce (bitch)
And we super high, off that super weed
( From: )
Get flash like Gordon, and hit that super speed
Ya'll some street strays, and I'm the best in show
In other words, I'm hot, you suckers hot as snow
Roll the Bambu, I ain't talkin' panda food
This weed is bananas dude, twisted like bandanas fool
And we smoke 'til it's gon, you can smoke to this song
Choke on roaches and bongs, and get so gone

[Hook: Ne-Yo]

'Cuz we are (we are)
Super high
Ooh, yeah
Ooh, yeah

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