Inkredible Remix Lyrics

[Verse 1: Prez]

I need success, I need that top spot
Fuck it if I ain't the best, I need to cop yachts
You know my shirt Nike, we can go one on one
Don't take this game lightly, higher than Jordan's dunks
Higher than Mt. Everest, higher than clouds in heaven
Got purp from my endeavors, Boeing 747s
I fly like Tony Stark, I got that iron suit
I'm makin' Tony Stark money, I got that iron loot
Got a job on the side, when I'm not rappin' people die
Walkin' over bodies in basements that 9 be on my side
No need to wear a mask, there'll be no witnesses
Bags over the Tims, they can't match my foot prints
On a lighter note, I wanna take your girl
I'm gonna line her throat, come here give it a whirl
Your bitch look like Ms. Pacman, she swallow the most
Then say Beetlejuice three times, and I'mma get ghost
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[Verse 2: Nasty Boi]

It's DPalm bitches, yeah I'm sellin'
I'm blowin' kisses, my pockets swellin'
Codeine, pill poppin' make you feel wheezy it'll drop ya
Cost twenty a g, bitches feelin' me
Come find me in the streets, see the trail of blood?
I'm out huntin', hear the choppers thumpin', or my bass bumpin'
DPalm make the cash, Prez get the ladies
Put 'em both together, you get a 90's baby
Got a bitch who wants to buy, I tell her "suck it"
Leave the.40 on the table, bitches love it
Lookin' at the clock it's twelve, tick-tock
Got the ashes in the wood, call it grandfather clock
Owed me money, blew a hole right through his stomach
Put him out of misery, smokin' like a chimney
Going to work today, not coming back tonight
Goin' into ya, it's fireworks, call it dynamite

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