And I Go Hard Lyrics


[Verse 1: Nasty Boi]

Man I'm way too high for this shit, just to start off
So I'mma raid your tomb like I was Lara Croft
No guns in here, but I still got the magnums
I see the color of your hair, don't play dumb
It's like the gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit?
I'm in here for the fun, ya'll for the sum of it
I'm not for that "Happy Gilmore" blonde type, that's right
Gonna give me attitude? See you later, outta sight (fore!)
{ From: }
One shot, in the hole, two shots, give me more
Three shots, is it sore? Four shots, gonna soar
I'm drunk, ceiling high, yeah I'm that kinda guy
Make you do a double take, now listen to me tongue tie
Devotion is the potion to make everything in slow motion
Add me, you divide the legs, and you get the quotient
Weed is quite potent so I gotta be cogent for this moment
But I seem to keep rollin' like a locomotive


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