Cold Eternity Lyrics

Now eternity is taking my soul
And I feel like I'm Fozen alive
In my heart, there is only keenly emptiness
My blood is yet again like red, cold ice
I, I'm the last one in this cage
Dying for your child for human race

Now I'm seeing your sin my god
You are the liar of all those past years
Night, it was your only destiny
I wish that I die alone, without your heed
Let my soul pass away
I don't need your grace - I won't serve
I don't want to survive in your world of lies
I'm not your slave, I'm Antichrist

Fall, fall again from grace
( From: )
Into burning fields of truth
Fallin' down, on earth
Without hope in blind eyes

Now I'm seeing myself in a buried world
Silent screams I hear deep inside my soul
Freezing dreams come true in my pitch-dark night
From my barren land you can hear me cry
I remember the time which has passed away
And I feel, that I don't want to return

Time of my law is born - I'm your heir to the throne
Hear my complaint - I will rise from my grave
Dawn of my lordship you see, your kingdom is blown away
Pay for your treasons now - You will be mine

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