Mistakes Lyrics

you can't imagine what i felt
those days everything fixed itself
worries that didn't have want to sail
leave me i know i was no angel

coz i learned the hard way
made of mistake after mistake

you can't imagine my surprise
to hear that you moved on and deserve a new life
where was I when all of this took place ?
please don't say that it's too late

guess you learn the hard way
(From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/n/nadia-ali-lyrics/mistakes-lyrics.html)
keep on making mistakes after mistakes

you were supposed to be
you were suppositely to be the only one that knew me
i was supposed to be
wasn't i suppositely the one you loved truly

but i learned the hard way
made those mistakes after mistakes
so i learned the hard way
won't make those mistakes again
no more mistakes

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