Tardis Lyrics

I got a TARDIS inside me
Hold all the water in the sea
Every good thing ever made
Still would room left
But right now it's empty
Oh yes it's empty
Someone came along
Took my TARDIS turned it inside out
Painted the walls in black
Tipped everything out
On the street
Everyone could see my life in pieces
And the wind came and blew it
[ From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/j/jimeoin-lyrics/tardis-lyrics.html ]
Blew it all away
And there was no room left inside my TARDIS
Even though it was empty
Was empty
Was empty
I fixed it up the right way round
I put a lock on the door and a burglar alarm
People always want to see inside
But they're surprised to find that it is just
Oh yes it's empty

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