The Helltrain Coven Lyrics

We're out there rockin every inhouse, we're out there rockin the cotton fields
We've even seen some preachers dancin, shakin their hips to our rockin feast

And it's no question of black or white, these devil tunes don't care about skin
And we don't ask for faithful servants, hound dogs come fine just for sin

Come join now with the helltrain coven, satans party-crew
Come join now with the helltrain coven, room for all but few
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What l love about to sing this song is the rhythm that it makes
It keeps me all night long, and l just wanna burst:
L'm with the devil and life is my thirst

We're glad you came here watchin, the open air that these songs match in
A few more rhymes, one pint or two, come join the party, and bring your crew

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