A Man I Always Wanted To Meet Lyrics

I was thrilled to death the day that Babe Ruth signed my baseball bat
I always remember that, the greatest one of all
When I was out in Hollywood John Wayne tipped his cowboy hat
And when I got his autograph I felt ten feet tall.

I met the great Hank Williams one night backstage at the Opy House
He look down and grinned when I said, "I'm your biggest fan."
And I was there the day when J.F.K. rode into Dallas
I walked up to the limosine and shook his mighty hand.
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I've met the famous and I've met the best
But there one man I've never met that outshines all the rest
And He's one man I always wanted to meet
He is the King of Kings and He's the Prince of Peace.

If I ever get the chance I'll fall down at His feet
He's one man I always wanted to meet.

Jesus, is the man I always wanted to meet...

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