Until I Saw You Lyrics

I never thought I needed anyone for anything.
I never knew the meaning of a moment shared.
I would?nt cry when everybody else was breaking down,
I could?nt see the point of lovers holding hands

Until I saw you you caught me unaware
I would?nt know the first thing that you did
But now my world is in your hands

I never wondered why the stars were shining in the night
[From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/g/garth-taylor-lyrics/until-i-saw-you-lyrics.html ]
I could?nt care if they were covered by a cloud
I never took the time to watch the sun go up or tumble down
You know I don?t recall when last I had a dream


I never whispered words of nothing in a lovers ear
And I never felt alone if nobody was there
I could?nt care about the solitary world I had
And only now & then a smile would cross my face


these lyrics are submitted by MICHAELA RAMIREZ

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