If I Could Raise My Hands Lyrics

Although I don?t understand, I know what?s going on, what?s going on
I wish that I was a man, but I?m not that strong, not that strong
When I see that look that?s in your eye
I wish I knew, just how to get to you
And when you dim the lights and close the door
You?ll never find here, what it is you?re looking for

If I could raise my hands I would
If I could stop the things you?re doing to me, you know I would
If I could say a word or two, I?d know id get to you
And say what I want to

And while I?m feeling the pain
[ From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/g/garth-taylor-lyrics/if-i-could-raise-my-hands-lyrics.html ]
I cannot run away, I want to run away
So here I am once again, Not knowing what to do, what to do
And do you smile while you are hurting me?
If I could beg I would be on my knees
Instead I stand here with my back against the wall
You?ve had your way and you took away my soul


I wish that somebody would pick me up and take me away, take me away
Because I?m lying here alone and I?m afraid
I?d rather die now than live a life like this


these lyrics are submitted by MICHAELA RAMIREZ

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