Everyday Lyrics

doo doo doo, doo doo doo etc

One night, I saw you standing on your own, all alone
You looked tight, and so I did what had to be done,
to be done
And then I, got up and moved to the dance floor
Mic in my hand, I took it slow
Sang a song looked right at you and, everything was perfect
I didn't know what you thought of me could this be,
Then you walked right up to me and kissed me

I'm loving every day, since you walked up to me
I love the way, when you make love to me
And by the way, you are my destiny
Cos every day I want you close to me

Some day, i'm gonna take you 'round the world, round the world
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And we'll sail, and watch the sun go down with champagne, with
And then i'll, stand up and hold your hand and
Take you up to the front of the boat then
Get close and hold you tight, and everything is perfect
I really hope that the dream comes true, just with you
Is where I wanna be 'cause I know that we'll be happy


Now I don't wanna know if you think of leaving me
And I don't wanna go to sleep just thinking it might be,
Now that I found you I don't want any body else,
And when I get with you you know that the sun is always shining

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