Never Lyrics

I think I?m trying to make this be,
I think I?m trying to make myself believe,
Yes, my love like this is so rare,
But I guess my love I can?t compare.

If you only knew,
I feel like crying,
It?s something new,
Inside something?s dying.


It seems like never,
It?s always never.

As I write these words you?re calling me,
( From: )
I need to walk away, ?cause, baby, it?s killing me,
Yes, I?ve know it from the start,
Yes, I knew you?d break my heart.

You see a smile,
But I?m only faking,
?Cause all the while.
Inside something?s breaking.


I gave you everything I had to give,
And now I?ve nothing left to live.


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